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We’re not going to convince you to blindly to buy a membership. We want you to know what we offer and then make a well thought over decision. Click here to see what we offer. 

You can become a member of our community by subscribing to one of our membership plans. You can view our membership plans on the overview page here.

You can find all the different features of the membership plans on their respective pages

You can find the features of the Silver membership on this page

You can find the features of the Gold membership on this page

You can find the features of the Platinum membership on this page

Currently we accept the following payment methods:

PayPal, Credit Card, and Ideal.

To access our content you will need to have an active internet connection and a Discord account.

The Gold membership is what suits best for most traders, especially new traders. It gives a wide range of content and access to a like minded community. You can ask questions to the mods and community in the Discord and receive in-depth content about the markets researched by crypto experts.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription on our site. If you login to the dashboard you can manage your subscription there. If you select your active subscription (by pressing on view) you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

Upgrade: If you want to upgrade it is best to contact us. This can be through email or the Discord. There’s two scenarios to upgrade your subscription.
Scenario one: You haven’t paid your new membership just yet. Just contact us and we’ll work something out!
Scenario two: You have already paid your new subscription. The pending lower membership will be converted to an extended subscription on your upgrade.

Downgrade: You will have to wait until your current subscription has expired before switching.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so in your dashboard or send a confirmation to

Your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

Not at all! We offer a variety of content, for the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced crypto enthusiasts.

If you would like to change your credit card information, you should be able to do so in your dashboard on our site.

Questions About Eights Content

Eight is an educational platform first and an trading community second. Eight provides content on the crypto currency markets, industry, fundamental analysis reports, basic educational content on how to do technical analysis, and more.

Educational trade ideas are setups with areas of interest to buy a certain asset, areas of interest to exit, and invalidation areas, a price point where education trade ideas aren’t valid anymore. We also add different approaches for different trading styles.

Once the payment has been completed you’ll receive an e-mail with all the instructions. Please contact one of our team members if you have any questions regarding the instructions.

After you’ve completed your purchase you’ll get an email with the instructions on how to join our Discord community. On our Discord server you’ll find a variety of different channels with different content, in our #trade-ideas category you’ll find all the content related to the educational trade ideas.

The trading takes place in whatever coin looks attractive at the moment. However, we only chose coins that are liquid enough, we do not want to move markets with our educational trade ideas.

We use different exchanges, since unfortunately not a single exchange has every coin. Make sure you have accounts on a variety of exchanges so that you are able to trade as much coins as possible.

Eight differs from signal groups in our approach towards our members. We are focused on educating our members instead of giving “calls/signals” for our members to blindly follow. Within our trade ideas we explain how we made our decisions and add different approached for different styles of trading.

Since Eight is focused on education, we also provide educational content surround the crypto currency industry.

This really depends on the market. Could be an afternoon, could be a week.

Whatever you feel comfortable with. Could be € 1.000, could be more, could be less.
Joining the community should be seen as an investment apart from buying into crypto. It’s an investment in your personal growth.

We will help you as much as possible within our capabilities. We have a timetable of the content that will be posted in the group, and the frequency you can expect it with. This means that during working hours we strive to answer your questions within an hour. You can request technical analysis, fundamental analysis and overall market requests.

The number of trade ideas depends on the markets, sometimes no action is also an action.

An investment portfolio is something that you buy and hold for the long term, you only touch it when there is a clear reversal in a trend. Besides a buy and hold approach you would want to compound your trading portfolio by actively managing it

Questions about Discord

Discord offers some unique features that Telegram doesn’t. For instance Discord offers the possibility to create different channels in a server. With different channels we can serve different content to people with different interests.

It creates order within the content we publish.

A Discord ID exists out of 18 numbers and is unique to your account and unchangeable, it differs from your discord name, which can be personalized and changed over time.

If you haven’t created a Discord Account, here is a short guide for making a Discord account and joining our public server:

If you already have a Discord account, this guide will help you find your Discord ID:

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